Love Your Skin Again

There’s no better feeling than looking at your best. Experience the Engelstein Bio-Soaps for yourself today. Join hundreds of ladies over 40 who love their skin again using our proven, highly concentrated  3 Bio-Soaps formula.

Maximize your results

The three bio-soaps work together with the skin’s natural cycles to stimulate skin
detox, cellular level regeneration and a healthier, younger appearance.

Bio Green Soap

The soap will clean the skin thoroughly, treat all skin types and improve the appearance of the skin. Contains algae, plants, apple cider vinegar and oils designed for this purpose.

Bio White Soap

In combination with apricot kernel, CBD, plants and oils that contribute to skin renewal. To remove the dead cells formed in the skin, to renew and refresh the skin and make the skin look new and young.

Bio Brown Soap

The anti-aging soap contains a combination of unique medicinal mushrooms, including the TREMELLA mushroom known for its strong anti-aging properties.

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Results in 10 days! Love your skin again.

How To Use The Bio-Soaps

To experience the best results as fast as 10 days, please use the green-spirulina soap every
morning, followed by the brown medicinal mushrooms soap every evening. Twice a week, use
the white rose extract peeling soap to absorb dead cells, clean pores and nourish the skin.

14 Proven Ingredients

3 Bio-Soaps

Bio Hemp oil

Rich in essential fatty acids, Fight various skin diseases.

Apricot kernels

Removes dead cells and improves blood circulation.


Heal wounds reduces inflammations. Lighten scars.

Salicylic acid

Unclogs blocked pores. Reveals fresh skin.


Reduce free radical damage. Slow down skin ageing.

Propolis extract

Relieve skin inflammation. Natural skin detox.

Green Clay

Balances fat levels. Accelerate skin cell regeneration.

Dead Sea Mud

Powerful antibacterial effect & skin detox

Black charcoal

Provide Oxygen to the skin. Grow new skin cells

Sandalwood extract

Shrink pores. Powerful anti-ageing agent

Tremella Mushroom

Called the beauty mushroom. Concentrated polysaccharides.

Brown clay

Cleans and absorbs toxins. Firming mature skin.

Lotus extract

Slow ageing processes, Naturally nourishes the skin.

Pomegranate extract

Rich in vitamin C. Anti-inflammatory, restores cells.

The 3 Bio-Soaps Formula

Engelstein solid Bio-soaps are 100% natural with a high concentration of active ingredients and extracts of rare mushrooms, spirulina and CBD. I created a product that enhances mature skin using plants, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and herbs. I personally supervise the creation and ingredients of every soap we make. I want you to know that:

Our 3 Bio-Soaps: contains cold-pressed oils, including olive oil, high-quality plant concentrations, algae, vitamins, and pure essential oils that do wonders for the skin.

Made from nature: No synthetic chemicals, no preservatives, no petroleum by-products, no synthetic fragrances, and no SLS.

Hydrosol rose water: We don’t use regular water as a base. Only hydrosol rose and lavender water – which nourishes and cleans the skin

Small Batch Soap Manufacturer: Every single soap is made carefully by hand, with love, and in small batches to ensure the quality of the ingredients stays high.

Made with love for Women over 40+: My soaps are explicitly designed for women over 40 who want to nurture their skin for longevity.

The gift of transformation

Your skin absorbs toxins daily, even from your most expensive cosmetic products. Engelstein labs in Berlin created the first handmade all-natural bio soaps for women over 40+. Detox your skin in 10 days and reverse the impact of many years of stress and toxins.

Make your move

Start your Journey with our 3-bio soaps today and join many ladies who gained their advantage. Look at your best and love your skin again.

Engelstein Bio Soaps Berlin

Hi, I’m Gidoni Galit.

I am the founder of the Engelstein natural cosmetic brand. I am a certified naturopath and the lead Anti-Aging expert at Engelstein Natur lab in Berlin.

For over 20 years, I have helped thousands of women with mature skin love their skin again. I tried almost every cosmetic product money can buy, countless prescriptions, and diets, and I always stayed on top of the skin-care technological advances.


My customers always come back asking for one specific product.
A product that just until now was available only as part of a professional natural cosmetic treatment at our studio in Berlin.

The Engelstein all-natural bio soaps for women over 40+

At first, I produced a very limited amount of soaps; most are already gone for customers of my Anti-Aging studio. But I hope to help many more remarkable women to love their skin again.

The 10 Day Skincare Challenge

Start the 10 days challenge with our set of three special soaps.

Each soap will contribute to your skin for a significant and long-term improvement.

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You will have enough soap to complete the challenge with a single order

Come visit me at the Engelstein Anti-Aging studio in Berlin

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